How can I get my little sister out of our abusive parents house? Process to take?

Sexual Abuse - Step Father does excessive touching. He grabs our butts, upper leg, and breast a lot. One time when i was young (13) and asleep I woke up to him playing with my breast. Then I told my mother and she talked to him and he said he thought it was her laying there. I have a 34A size cup and my mother is Double D's. Physical Abuse - Constantly grabbed hard and hit a lot. latest one was cause i said I had a headache and mother kept hitting me in the head. They have smoked around us our entire life. Living Conditions: - Decaying walls, floors, & ceiling, Exposed wiring all over and a lot of things plugged into one outlet, unlocked dangerous items like bleach, guns, etc, house is a complete mess with no cleaning habits, ineffective waste disposal, and I have about 25 more things

Eufaula, OK -

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Michael John Harrington

Michael John Harrington

Child Custody Lawyer - Murrieta, CA

I am only licensed in California, but consider making a report to child protective services in your state and city. Also, I am only licensed in California, usually next of kin have preference for child palcement in cases where the social worker removes a child from the home.

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