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How can I get my little sister out of our abusive parents house? Process to take?

Eufaula, OK |

Sexual Abuse - Step Father does excessive touching. He grabs our butts, upper leg, and breast a lot. One time when i was young (13) and asleep I woke up to him playing with my breast. Then I told my mother and she talked to him and he said he thought it was her laying there. I have a 34A size cup and my mother is Double D's.
Physical Abuse - Constantly grabbed hard and hit a lot. latest one was cause i said I had a headache and mother kept hitting me in the head.
They have smoked around us our entire life.
Living Conditions: - Decaying walls, floors, & ceiling, Exposed wiring all over and a lot of things plugged into one outlet, unlocked dangerous items like bleach, guns, etc, house is a complete mess with no cleaning habits, ineffective waste disposal, and I have about 25 more things

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I am only licensed in California, but consider making a report to child protective services in your state and city. Also, I am only licensed in California, usually next of kin have preference for child palcement in cases where the social worker removes a child from the home.

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So in California I could get her in this case? Any other advice? I really appreciate your help.



I am a mom of kids which I had to remove from an abusive father. The kids told me that they had been sexually abused by him. I would love to help you with whatever I can. Did you get any help so far? I am worried about you.



No help yet. Her boyfriend and I take care of her as much as possible. We stay with her much as possible. He also spends thousands of dollars making sure she is fed and has school stuff. I buy some but dont make very much. I havnt done anything but try to protect her. I would like to know of anyway I can get her or for her to get out of there but not far away or anything. Any ideas?



Glad to hear from you. Do you want to contact me per email? You can set up a new email address to be sure that I'm not getting any personal info from you. (I have an email address where I have done the same.) You can contact me under I would love to try to help you in any way I can. I have been learning A LOT about things I never wanted to know about the last couple of years. I can not promise that I can help you, but I can promise that I can try. I can for sure point you in the right direction and give you good advice about books, organizations and websites. Hope to chat with you by email soon. Take care and stay strong.

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