How can I get my license back?

I had my license suspended due to several tickets that I could not afford to pay. I support my four children on my own and have a disabled son who I need to transport back and forth to school and numerous doctor appointments, not to mention to be able to find a better job. I want to try to start working on getting my license back but have no idea what to I can do since I do not have all the money for the tickets I owe. I have recently gotten a charge for driving while suspended because I have to get my kids to the places they need to be. I live in a rural area and transportation is limited, and my disabled son has problems walking or being around groups people he doesn't know. I cant afford to take my kids in a taxi everyday to school, & to my sons appts. What can I do? I need help!

El Centro, CA -

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Stephen Troy Allen

Stephen Troy Allen

Criminal Defense Attorney - Riverside, CA

You can apply for a "critical needs" license with DMV. How long has it been since you paid on tickets? And how many are there? It may be a difficult road as you keep getting new tickets and probably civil assessments. Request a critical needs license, make payments, then hopefully the hold will be lifted. Good luck!

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