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How can I get my ex husband to stop sending me abusive and harassing emails?

Boca Raton, FL |
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My ex husband constantly sends me emails telling me what a terrible mother I am and how all my kids problems are created by me. He tells me what a disappointment I am to my kids and on and on. He also shares these sentiments openly with my kids. He has also been harassing me through the legal system for many years and after hiring 5 different lawyers, the legal harassment never ends. I hope there is recourse for the email harassment.

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    People can be downright ridiculous sometimes and it sounds like your ex-husband is exhibiting child-like mean behavior that is likely a result of his own insecurities and feelings of inadequacy. Nevertheless, I am sure it is exhausting and feels terrible to read nasty emails from someone you once loved and respected enough to have children with and marry.

    You might be able to get a temporary restraining order but unless he is threatening harm you wont likely be able to get anything permanent. You also probably want to consider the costs and hassle of legal action before pursuing the same, but you likely are already aware of those if you have battled this man for years. Unless you have endless resources - time, money, and energy, cause as I am sure you know you often need all three when pursuing legal action, legal action might not be the route to take.

    The easy solution might be changing your email address and not giving him the new email address. Alternatively, if you dont want to change your email address, you could also filter his mail into a junk folder and only look at it when you feel like you can deal with it with a clear head and not let it influence how you feel about yourself.

    One good side of this, it there is a record of what he is doing. He is actually making it for you by writing everything down. Make sure to very clearly and shortly telling him you do not appreciate what he is doing and you want it to stop. Do it in writing so he knows you want his behavior to stop. Dont engage in it or respond by defending yourself, simply tell him, in a written response, you dont want him to continue to write you emails like this, you dont want him to bad mouth you to your children (because you dont bad mouth him to your children) and that you will not continue to respond to his emails if they continue to be mean. Thereafter, stop responding if the emails continue to be mean.

    Also, print out the emails and keep them in a folder somewhere safe just in case you ever need them to use in court or anywhere else. If the language gets abusive or threatening get a restraining order immediately. In most cases you can initially do this yourself without getting an attorney just by going to the courthouse and asking for help at the self-help center. The first step is often a temporary order which you then have to renew.

    As far as your children go, maybe explain to them that daddy is mad at mommy right now and it has nothing to do with them and tell them they dont need to respond when he says bad things about you to them. If it is very upsetting to the children or to you, it might not be a bad idea to seek out a professional psychologist to speak with and work through it all.

    Good luck, and I hope your ex-husband stops this behavior promptly.

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  2. If you have an ongoing case you should inform your attorney about this.
    Additionally, review your divorce documents, there might be a provision regarding communication between parents, this might give you grounds for a claim of contempt .

    Good luck!

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  3. This is unfortunate and at the same time, happens all too often. Keep a record of all correspondence. Does your final divorce decree state any provisions regarding contact? You may want to contact your attorney to discuss further if you had one on the original case, or any other attorney to review the documents if you did not.

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