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How can I get my driver's license back to drive to work it was suspended due to back child support owed.

Fountain Valley, CA |
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For the last 5 years I have been employed and my employer was taking out the support money directly from my check. My employer filed for bankruptcy this year and to my horror I found out that they stopped paying my support money over a year and a half ago even though they kept taking the money out of my checks. I recently had eye surgery to clear up my blindness caused by cataracts and I would love to drive myself to work. I paid my employer several thousands of dollars in the hopes that I could drive again but now I have lost hope. Will I ever be able to have the freedom to drive myself to work again or should I just give up hope.

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No, you shouldn't just give up, but you do need to take steps to try and unravel this mess.

Gather all the documentation you have about the amounts being taken from your check for support. You need to contact the child support division and try and straighten this out. It may take a fraud complaint through the police department or the DA's office, but you should be able to get this fixed.

A driver's license should only be suspended for a willful failure to pay support. This one sounds like it was out of your control. They should be able to recognize this, provided you can prove all this to their satisfaction.

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