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How can I get my driver's license back after its been suspended for fees for two years and is now suspended for points a year?

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In 2010, I got pulled over 4 or 5 times in the matter of about 6 months for speeding and was subjected to multiple tickets at each stop. At the time, I couldn't afford the $1,700 I owed so I held off paying it for about a year and a half, after I saved up enough money. By that time, the tickets were sent to collection agencies and accrued late fees, etc. I finally got enough money to pay each of them off in a matter of 2 months. Before I paid them, the clerk of courts informed me that if I got them paid off, my license would only be suspended for 3 more months for points. But after I did pay them, I got a letter saying its suspended for another year. I'm a full time student and need my license to get to school and to hold a job. Is there anyway I can talk to someone & explain my situation?

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You paid all the tickets and were adjudicated guilty and received points on each. You can try to motion the court to undue (vacate) some of those tickets so you can ask for withholds and no points but at this point that is not likely.

Call the DMV and ask if they will give you a hardship license. Typically, these are reserved only for DUI revocations; however, it cannot hurt to try.

John S. Riordan, Esq.
West Palm Beach, FL

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You should sit down with a lawyer for a consult. I would be happy to do it. Call Aaron first as he answered first and is a fantastic lawyer. You may be eligible for a hardship with a driver improvement course and proof of insurance. Another route would removal of some points by asking traffic court(s) to reopen some ticket cases on the grounds you were unaware of the tremendous damage you were doing to your license by simply paying the tickets off and thus taking the points. What most people don't realize about tickets is the points go on when you plead guilty or no contest and paying them off is the equivalent of doing that. So a person who has many, many old tickets, gets nailedd with tons of points the day they go in and just pay them off.

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