How can I get my driver license reinstated after it was suspended under Georgia Act 40-9-61 while I was incarcerated?

Asked about 2 years ago - Waycross, GA

my car was uninsured when accident happened and then I was incarcerated and unable to obtain employment in order to satisfy the judgment against me and so my driver license got suspended . Upon release from incarceration I have not been able to obtain employment due to my license suspended and I just need to know what options are available to me so I can get a job and settle this judgment . The accident was in 2006 and suspension took place 2011 .

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    Answered . Try to work out a payment plan with the holder of the judgment and have them approve or consent to the suspension being lifted.

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    Answered . Bankruptcy is often the perfect answer, assuming the accident was not from a DUI. Discharging the debt lets you get your license back and wipes out the debt.

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    Answered . A payment plan or consult with a local bankruptcy attorney.

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    Answered . I would try to resolve the matter with a payment plan or I would talk with a bankruptcy attorney.

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