How can i get my divorce expedited?

When filing a divorce what steps need to be taken so I dont have to wait the required 6 months for judgement to be granted? I have two minor children. My son was six months old at the time of marriage and my ex is the only father he has known. He does not want to have any involvement with my son now because he is special needs. I have a daughter born during the marriage and he does want parenting time with her. My ex has no drivers license due to 3 DUI's prior to our relationship. He does not have a job and he lives in a one bedrrom apartment with his 18 year old male ephew who is currently on probabtion for marijuana. I want sole physical and legal custody of both children. He is unwilling to help with gas when I drop the kids of f to him or pick them up from him. ????????

Petoskey, MI -

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Henry S. Gornbein

Henry S. Gornbein

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Birmingham, MI

Hi, If your husband is not contesting the divorce many courts will waive part of the 6 month waiting period. This differs from court to court. Some judges will say that if it agreed upon and in the best interests of the children, then they will finalize a divorce in less than 6 months. check with the local court and judge regarding the requirements for waive. The minimum time by law In Michigan is 60 days and that time cannot be waived. I hope that this is helpful to you. Good luck to you.

Henry Gornbein

Peter L. Conway

Peter L. Conway

Divorce / Separation Lawyer - Lapeer, MI

In addition to what Mr. Gornbein said, you may find that a court will be willing to waive part of the 6 month period, even if your husband objects, if you can offer a good enough reason. Remember, you also have to have worked out all custody, support and property division issues.

I am licensed to practice law in Michigan and Virginia and regularly handle cases of this sort. You should not... more

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