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How can I get my boyfriend out of jail?

Jasper, AL |
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He was arrested for not reporting to his probation officer and taken to county jail. He has no new charges. No bond is posted. Is there anything I can do to get him out or will he have to stay there until court? He just got approved for a Pell grant and enrolled in college.

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    Your best course of action is to retain a good criminal defense lawyer so that a petition for release can be filed with the court having jurisdiction over this matter. As a general rule, once arrested for a probation violation, there is no set "bond" for probation violations. The probation officer's authority to arrest and hold for a probation revocation hearing is sufficient. However, if you retain an attorney, your attorney can petition the court for release under whatever conditions of release the court wishes to impose.

    The fact that he was under a probation order and violated that order means that he can be held for an indeterminable period until he sees the judge having jurisdiction over his case. That could take weeks. It is highly possible that he will not be released, but held for a formal probation revocation hearing. The Court may then revoke the suspended sentence and order him sent to prison. Your best course of action is to retain a good criminal defense lawyer to assist you. In the Jasper area, attorney Justin K. Forrester is considered one of the best criminal defense lawyers. Telephone: (205) 521-0011

  2. There is not likely anything that you can do to get your boyfriend out of jail. Those facing revocation, usually jail time or prison time, are not given a bond so that they will actually be in court for their hearing. Failure to report is a technical violation that usually results in 60-90 days in jail. He will get credit for any time he has served prior to the hearing.

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  3. You need to hire an experienced criminal defense attorney in your area to file a motion to reinstate your boyfriends bonds. He is being held on a technical violation of his probation which carries a maximum penalty of 90 days in custody. However, depending on the nature of the violation he may not have to spend any time in jail with a good attorney working for him.

    Hire an experienced criminal defense attorney immediately. If your boy friend does not have a lawyer working to get him out of jail, he will sit there until the court decides to have a hearing. Wouldn't surprise me if he sat there close to 90 days and then was release on the technical violation.

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