How can I get my arrest record and mug shot removed from a local newspapers police blotter article on the Internet?

Asked over 3 years ago - Bolingbrook, IL

Why doesn't expungement or sealing arrest records pertain to removing arrest records online? Even after a case is expunged, the arrest record is still visible on the Internet. Should I approach the managing editor of the local paper to remove the police blotter?

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  1. Answered . Expungement only erases your crimnal record. That does not address online articles or placement of informatoin about you and your past.

    Hire a service to bury those internet articles.

  2. Answered . The First Amendment permits journalists, publishers and editors to publish such materials. Even if you successfully expunged the arrest record by the court order that commanded the erase such record from the law enforcement depositories, you have no legal power to force a newspaper or web site to erase or expunge any material covered by the freedom of speech under the First Amendement .

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  3. Answered . You can ask, but it's not likely to get you anywhere. Arrest records, like civil records, are publicly available, and the newspaper editor of your local paper, as well as editors of online databases, are within their rights to publish public information.

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  4. Answered . You can't.

    Expungement orders apply to the government agencies that have records of your case. Newspapers, web sites, and private data collectors are PRIVATE and thus not covered by the orders. In fact, an order by a court to a newspaper (or other private information repositories) to remove an article would violate the First Amendment.

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