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How can I get my 3000.00 credit card debt to get paid off with no more interest? All Im paying is interest.

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I have a credit card that has been canceled for about 3 yrs now and the balance is 3000.00 I can only pay afford to pay a little over the min which is normally 85.00 so I pay 100.00 but it seems like the balance doesnt budge. ITs a 24.50% rate so I know only about 55.00 is going to the actual payment. I want to pay them what I owe then I just cant handle the percentage rate anymore its really hurting me, and it would be nice to have it paid off in the next years Im more then sure Ive paid for eveything Ive spent on that card now its just pure interest. What can I do to get ride of the percentage rate? Or what can help?

Please and Thank you for you time. AQ

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You can always attempt to negotiate new terms with the creditor that include lowering the interest rate or even an overall settlement for less than the full amount of outstanding balance owed. But such negotiation efforts will largely depend on the creditor’s willingness to agree to such terms. Unfortunately, you have limited leverage in your particular situation because at the moment you are current and show no signs of an inability to pay the minimum payment amount requested (as you have been making more than the minimum payments). When you continue making payments like you are currently doing, the creditor would prefer to continue having you make such payments allowing them to collect as much interest as possible (which is pure profit for them). So in your attempts to negotiate, the creditor will evaluate cost of receiving a settlement amount or agreeing to new terms including a lower interest rate versus continuing to receive the monthly payments over the next couple of years. You should consider engaging them in negotiation and settlement discussions and hopefully you will be able to reach a resolution that will get this debt resolved in a manner that is acceptable to you. But remember that the creditor has no obligation to renegotiate the terms of your relationship just because you want to stop paying interest (exactly what the creditor does not want you to stop doing). Consider employing an attorney to assist in negotiation efforts if you are unable to resolve on your own.

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