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How can I get free legal help from harassment, and can i sue the police department for not responding to a call in a timely fash

Independence, KS |

i have neighbors that moved in around last november, they constantly harass me, by doing things, yelling profanitys t me while i sit on my porch, threat me, harm my pets, tear up the property i am currently renting, by breaking windows, kicking porch pillars till they crack, they still from my porch and garge, they even had me falsely arrested, when i call tonight around 12: 30 due to the neighbors, drunk, on thier porch, yelling, cussing, howling like dogs, they did not respond, i called several times, before they did respond at 3 45 am, there are many continuing circumstances, but these are the main ones i am dealing with now

the whole reason this is happening, is cause my neighbor used to be on the independence police department, his good friend the ex dog- catcher /ex police officer got fired for sexually harrassing me, now his friend is harrassing me, and a few of his other friends, are starting in to, i need help, and i dont see why i cant get it, i would move if i could afford to but i am disabled, living on a fixed income, i cant just up and go, ive tryed calling legal aide, the say its criminal not civial, so they wont help me, and i cant go to the lawyers here for a case against the city, cause they have contracts with the city, as public defenders and prosecutors, so where exactly does that leave a person like me? when i go to court the 26th for disorderly conduct, which is completely false do i just plea no contest, and pay the fines, or do i say the truth and plea not guilty? and if i do plea not guilty, will it go to trial, and will they have to give me a fair lawyer then?

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Police will likely tell you they had higher priority calls than your noise complaint.

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Rixon Charles Rafter III

Rixon Charles Rafter III


FWIW, why should an attorney donate hundreds or thousands of dollars to you-- there is no compelling social injustice or matter or wide public concern associated with your situation.


You should contact a local lawyer to discuss your criminal charge. In Kansas, Kansas Legal Services provides free/affordable legal services to individuals with low income.

If the situation is as bad as you described, you may want to consider filing your own protection from abuse -- that will give you an opportunity to explain the situation to the judge. If you prevail, it may provide some relief.

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