How can I get financial support from my husband?

My husband forced me and our daughter to leave the country. Now, I am residing in Texas while he is probably in WI. We are not legally separated or divorced. I am trying to find a job and support myself and our daughter. Is there any way I can get him to provide for at least our daughter even if he may be unemployed? He is currently staying with his parents and they are very well to do.

Sugar Land, TX -

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Karen L. Marvel

Karen L. Marvel

Child Support Lawyer - San Antonio, TX

You can apply with the Texas Attorney General for services to establish a support order -- even if you are still married. Their telephone number is 800-252-8014. Be sure and give them all the information they need to find him in Wisconsin. The Attorney General will work with Wisconsin or file here in Texas, whichever is appropriate. However, they only represent the State and not you. You should check with the law clinics at the law schools in Houston for low or no cost divorce help through their legal practice clinics. Good luck.

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