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How can i get custody of my children back from their father?

Rockford, IL |

my ex boyfriend used to hit me and we are no longer together but involved with dcsf. and dcfs has given temporary legal custody to my ex. I am on unsupervised visits with my girls and my caseworker told me that when we go back to court in October that they are going to give him custody and set a family court date up for a few months later. my only problem with this is with our past history and the fact that he lives with his mother who has admitted to giving my infant a pacifier dipped in beer on several different occasions and who is also an alcoholic. he also has a new girlfriend who has pulled my children by the wrist and yelled at them for no reason and i have people who have witnessed her do this. and i feel that my children are not save there. His friends are also drug dealers.

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This is precisely why attorney's should be mandatory in ALL types of child custody proceedings. Too often, as a family law attorney, I get calls from people who thought they could save money by doing their DCFS defense by themselves. Then the first hearing date comes up, things fall apart at the wheel because they don't understand proper procedural rules, et. al., and then after the hearing ends in disaster, they call me. Unfortunately, at that stage, it's typically too late for me to do anything.

Now, I have to delivery some more bad news; generally speaking, if you signed anything given to you by DCFS, it's almost impossible to undo. They may say it's candy-canes or lollipops, that "it's just temporary," or whatever, but it's pure BS. You've been locked in, either with their "safety plan," or whatever. They got you, hook, line, sinker.

The caseworker IS NOT YOUR FRIEND. Remember that.

If you don't an attorney, get one yesterday. Too many cheap-o's try to "pro se" it thinking that the judge will understand. Guess what, you won't get that far. Then you'll call us, but it'll be too late, and you'll spend months or years, awake at night in your bed, and trust me, it will eat you alive.

If you take away anything from this answer, GET A LAWYER!


You've got to get a lawyer. Mr. Gotzh is spot on accurate.

Keep going on your own and the case will be so messed with no lawyer will be able to help.

The best interest of the child is getting mashed in the process.

Hire a lawyer.

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