How can i Get credit for childsupport that my ex wife took out of my bank account?

I got divirce on October 2003, we had joint costudy of my 2 daugthers, but she left them with me and only come to see them once a month, on 2007 my oldest daugther move in with her and i keep my youngest with me until 2010, during this time she had accses to the bank account that we both oppend when we was marriey, on the divirce degree she stablish that this account only belongs to me, I let her take the money ot of this account the total amount of $400 per mo. but instead she took the total sum of $ 93,580.00 from 2003 to 2010. she is claiming i owed her childsupport from 2008 to present . can you please help me. i live in las vegas nevada thank you

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Jill K. Whitbeck

Jill K. Whitbeck

Child Support Lawyer - Reno, NV

You need to present the evidence that she accessed that account for child support purposes, and that it was your agreement that she do so. The evidence is in your bank statements. How you accomplish this depends on what court and court process you are in -- divorce court on a motion, child support court on a new case or motion, or something else? You need to take whatever you received wherein she is asking for the arrears, along with your bank account statements for that entire time frame, to an attorney in your area to determine how to best proceed. An attorney may be able to work out something that avoids court, or even bring a claim against your ex for false statements (for failing to identify the funds taken from your account).

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