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How can i get child support, or back child support for that matter, when the attorney general says there is nothing they can do?

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filed for child support years ago. started recieving payments early last year then the payments stopped last october. he owes over $16,000 in back child support. he has missed our last two court dates. At this last court date they decided to lift his warrant, which i dont understand why they would do anything to help him out when he isnt doing what he was ordered to. i have provided the attorney general with all of the information i was able to get on him. the last phone conversation i had when i called to check on the status of my child support case over a month ago, a week after our court date for which he did not show, was then flat out telling me there is nothing they can do due to the fact that they cannot find him. i am a single unemployed mother of three and i have recently had some hardships. i really need that money now more than ever! i just don't know what i am supposed to do and i dont understand how it is just ok for him not to pay. he has not tried to be in my kids life. the last itme he saw them was over 5 years ago. i have made several attempts to set up a time for him to visit with them. he agrees then i dont hear from him again for months to a year. the same with asking for help financially, he says yes, anything the boys need he will help and he is doing great money wise, then i dont hear from him anymore. i am at a loss. PLEASE HELP!

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  1. I suggest that instead of calling the attorney general's office that you actually go in person, and set an appointment with someone who was working on your case. Look at the orders you received and talk to the office where your case was handled and ask for the attorney who handled your case.

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