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How can i get a transfer to another state while on probation.

San Francisco, CA |

Im from tx and i got a misdemeanor dwi. I have finished all my classes and i have paid all my fines. My question is that i go to school in CA now and my PO says i have to see her every month till my probation up which is in march, but is there something that i could do that she can transfer me to another PO in CA its just way to expensive to keep going back and forth and seeing her for min and be like ok bye let me go buy $300 ticket to come back and see you for another min next month just doesn't make sense to me, is there something i can do to get a transfer?

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  1. If your conviction is in Texas, and you are on probation in Texas, you should post this question in the Texas section, rather than California. This decision will first be in Texas's court - Texas probation will have to decide whether they are willing to transfer you to a CA probation office. Then, once they say yes, you'll need to work with CA on their side of things.

  2. It's not entirely clear from your Question whether or not you are on formal probation, and whether or not it is in Texas.
    Usually you need the permission of the Probation officer to leave the State if on Formal Probation. I f you have not procured that permission, you may need to--or continue the back & forth. If you have a good rapport with your PO, ask him/her about the procedure to transfer.
    Often, you can apply for early termination of either formal or informal Probation, IF you have complied with all the other terms & conditions. This may be your best course of action, but you may need an attorney's help to do it, and it might not be granted by the Court. No harm in trying however, unless like I indicated, you are in technical violation now for not having told your PO that you traveled out of State for school.....

  3. Attorney Pickard is correct when he says you should post in the Texas section as only an attorney who practices in Texas can give you a proper answer to this questions.

    Assuming that this was in California, there are several things that could happen. In California a person convicted of a DUI is usually on informal probation so moving to another state would be okay.

    However, if you are on formal probation you would have to request a transfer from your probation department. They can either transfer you to a probation department in the State of California or they can still hold jurisdiction over you and keep your probationary terms the same and have you write in or what not (had a client who lived California, had formal parole over in Nevada. he lived in CA under the supervision of Nevada parole).

    Hope this helps but ultimately you would want to ask this question to an attorney from Texas.

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