How can I get a proof to show my insurance co. that my traffic ticket was dismissed and I was not guilty.

Who and how do I contact to obtain a proof that my traffic ticket was dismissed by the judge and I was not guilty in order to appeal to my insurance company of their decision? What other information should I use to support my case to appeal to the insurance company that the accident was not my fault as the police only took the statement based on the other party - Marta bus driver and other personnel from Marta instead of listening/talking to me due to my strong accents. I felt I was treated unfair .....

Atlanta, GA -

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James Martin Roth

James Martin Roth

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Atlanta, GA

Contact the clerk of the court in which the citation was issued and for a small fee, they will mail you a certified copy of the 'dispostion' of your ticket. You should be fine.


Joseph A Blaszkow

Joseph A Blaszkow

Car / Auto Accident Lawyer - Alexandria, VA

The clerk of the court should be able to provide you with a certified copy of the dispostion of your traffic case. Good luck.

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