How can I get a Passport while owing child support arrearage?

Asked over 1 year ago - Jacksonville, FL

I have a TWIC Badge and a longshoreman but I cant get a passport, they've denied me stating reasons of my back child support. But if I cant get a passport for work, then I cant pay my support, including the arrearage. Is there rules or procedures that address this situation? Can a Judge reduce my arrearage or change it so I can get a passport? Or can he order something that would give me the passport?

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  1. Robert Jason De Groot


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    Answered . You should have the arrearage set and have it ordered that you are to pay X amount on the arrearage every month as well as the ongoing support, and get the court to order that you may obtain a passport. You see the part of the collection is called execution, and part of that is that your passport can be suspended, as well as your driver's license. The best thing to do is hire an attorney to get these particular issues resolved.

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  2. Carin Manders Constantine

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    Answered . You need to work something out with the Department of Revenue. Sometimes, if the arrears are significantly behind, or it is a large amount, the only way to get a passport is to actually pay the child support.

    I will tell you exactly what a Judge will say to you, "There are plenty of jobs in Florida that need to be filled by hard working men that will allow you to pay your obligation, no passport needed". Basically, you have options in Florida to get caught up as the only job available isn't being a longshoreman. Good luck to you.

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  3. Melissa Moore Stockham

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    Answered . I would definitely see if there is a way to work out something with the Department of Revenue and the Courts in order to obtain a passport. They may, as my colleagues point out, suggest you pay a large amount in lump sum and then extra every month until the arrearage is paid in full. If you have counsel, I would recommend they go to the DOR and the Court with such a proposal. If you don't have counsel, I would recommend hiring counsel to assist you with this process. Good luck!

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