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How can I get a free lawyer for child custody fast?

Jackson, OH |

My ex wife is abusing my kids. I have witnesses. She is on drugs and alcohol really bad. Her house is really bad and full of black mold! I have pictures to prove it. Shes partying all the time around the kids. She pulled my daughters plate of food out of the trash and shoved her face in it and made her eat it. Thats just pieces of this puzzle, theres lots more! When I get the kids they are wearing extremly small clothes,their teeth are rotten. Me and my wife are low income and really need help! I filed in court for a hearing already but need a lawyer to help.

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Call your local Bar Associations and ask about pro bono programs. Many states/associations have volunteer lawyer organizations who can help indigent clients. Here in Denver, you would contact the Metro Volunteer Lawyers. I'm not sure what is available in Jackson.

If you don't qualify for one of these programs, ask a family law attorney if they know any attorneys who accept "low pay/slow pay" clients and find some cash. If that fails, go to the district court house in the district you reside and speak to the clerk of court for the domestic division. Explain your situation and that you need to proceed pro se (without an attorney). He/she will give you the necessary forms to fill out and file. Since it concerns the welfare of your child you should be able to schedule a prompt hearing. When in front of the Judge or Magistrate remember to be respectful, composed and answer the questions he/she asks directly. Explain your side of the story and tell the court what you want them to do.

Good Luck!

Note: This is intended as broad general information and is not specific legal advice. I'm not licensed in your jurisdiction. No attorney-client relationship has been formed. If you require additional assistance, seek a family law attorney in your area.

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