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How can I get a DUI conviction expunged or sealed from my records that occurred in Indiana in 1999?

Indianapolis, IN |

I would like to know more information on whether DUI convictions can be expunged or sealed on your record after over 10 years has passed. And if not, what is the best course of action for minimizing the impact of answering that question on a job application? Thank you.

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  1. Hello there,

    More information is needed to properly answer your question.

    Was the case dismissed or did you win your case at trial?

    Were you placed on probation?


    Erick Platten

    TYLER, TEXAS 75701

  2. You could seek to have the convictions expunged or vacated through post-conviction relief. I would advise contacting a criminal defense attorney experienced in handling expungements and post-conviction relief cases.

    Juan C. Garcia, Jr.

  3. Ordinarily you would only have to advise an employer of felony offenses. If your DUI's were felonies, they probably cannot be expunged. Misdemeanors might be but need more information. You should gather up copies of all your court records and consult with an attorney.

    I hope that my response was helpful and informative. However, my answer should not be considered or relied upon as a legal opinion, and no attorney-client relationship has been established. If you are interested in retaining an attorney for your matter, please contact me to discuss your situation further at

  4. In Indiana you can not expunge a conviction. After 15 years you will be able to petition to have your criminal history sealed.

    I would not hire an attorney to attempt this. The law does not allow for it.

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