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How can I find out who sued TD Bank for overcharging thousands of customers with overdraft fees?

Portland, ME |

An example is mine- they charged a normal $35 fee for a $5.00 over draft, and then continued to charge overdrafts for owing the $35 draft fee. I closed my account when the bill reached $200 in a short amount of time, and tried to resolve it then (2006).The branch manager was surprised when corporate would not budge and clear the charges, so now I cannot be added to my new husband's account. I received a card in the mail from the attorneys of TD Bank offering customers the chance to withdraw from the lawsuit against them by an unknown source for these exact charges. I have tried relentlessly to find the Plaintiffs but to no avail. I have contacted the TD Bank collections department who hung up on me (today) when I explained this and no one at the branch can answer my questions.

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Try this link:

Good luck.

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