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How can i find out who called ACS on me and my husband?

Flushing, NY |
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My 16 year old stepdaughter was rushing to hit me after blaming me for her issues. I called 911 at the said moment when they came her grandmother sent them away the next day ACS showed up at my door to investigate me and my husband and she then told her dad i called ACS on her. Me and my husband have two younger kids together whom she harasses all the time. My marriage was broken since then and there is no solution to the problem since my husband believes her and we don't know who made the call and my stepdaughter keeps lying to her father saying i called ACS. At the time of the problem it was only my husband, me and my stepdaughter. ASC investigated the story and found no abuse what so ever. I spoke to ACS and i told them about the problem and they said nothing can be done.

And that we should see a family counselor.

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    The other posters are absolutely incorrect. Many calls into the statewide central register are not anonymous. If the person did leave their name, then you can request disclosure of same from ACS. In my experience, ACS often refuses to disclose the name, in which case you must press the issue by filing for a fair hearing before an Administrative Judge (& ultimately be prepared to take the issue up at an Article 78 proceeding). It's not a simple procedure & may be costly if you need to hire an attorney on the issue, but for the other attorneys to say or strongly imply that it's impossible is dead wrong. I therefore suggest that you follow-up with a NYC attorney with experience in ACS matters.

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  2. ACS hotline calls are supposed to be anonymous. You can't find out who called.

  3. Counsel is correct, there is no way to find out who made the initial call. It is unfortunate that your husband believes his 16 year old daughter over you. Best of Luck.

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  4. The other lawyers are correct. These calls are confidential and therefore you should not be able to find out who made the call/complaint.

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