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How can I find out if someone is driving on a suspended license?

Crystal Lake, IL |

I am going to be in Court with my ex and I know for a fact he is driving on a suspended or revoked license and with no insurance. Who can I write or call to get an official word on this?

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Ask in open court or retain counsel to investigate for you.


Insurance is a private matter - there is no public registry in Illinois of who is insured. You are required to present proof of insurance when ever you are stopped by the police.

The status of someone's license is maintained by the Illinois Secretary of State and they maintain all records about the validity of a person's license. There are privacy laws which govern the dissemination of those records.

John Yetter

Please understand that answering this doesn’t create an attorney/client relationship between us, and as hard as I try to answer your question well, it isn’t legal advice. No matter how much information you put into a question, the answers you are going to get are still going to be vague. It is in your interest to contact a lawyer, most of whom will do a free consultation. Even 15 minutes with a lawyer is going to produce a more specific answer to your problem.

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