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How can i find out if my son father got his settlement from a law suit in the state of florida...

Las Vegas, NV |

my son father had a car accident...filed a law suit and waiting on settlement..he still owes me 8000 in childsupport....they said i need his lawyer name or insurance company...i dont know either..he live in in las vegas...i NEED HELP

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Lawsuits are public records if he actually filed a lawsuit as opposed to receiving a settlement without filing a lawsuit. In most stated lawsuit from auto accidents have to be filed in one of three counties: 1) where the accident happened; 2) where the defendant lives; 3) sometimes, but rarely, where the injured person lives.

Start by calling the district clerk in the county where your former spouse lives and asking about any lawsuit filed by him. The clerk's office can tell you the name and address of the attorney who filed the lawsuit. At the lease they will tell you how to go about finding out this information. If you know where the accident occurred and it is in a different county where your former spouse lives call the district clerk in that county. Generally, when you call a clerk's office and are polite they will goo out of their way to assist you.

If the above does not get you the information you need contact the lawyer who handled your divorce and got you the child support order and ask for his/her help.

If a lawsuit was not filed by your former spouse and he is getting a settlement form an insurance company you may not be able to obtain the information you need without hiring a lawyer to pursue collection efforts against your former spouse and this may be to expensive.

Call the NV state bar office ("google" NV state bar) and ask about legal aid clinics in Las Vegas. There also may be one listed under attorneys in the yellow pages of the local phone book. I just "googled" legal aid las vegas and found listings for legal aid clinics you might call.


You can hire an attorneys service to obtain a copy of the file for you. It might only show the lawsuit was filed, and dismissed. Then you can assume it was settled.


This could be tough. The exhaustive efforts to locate the lawsuit will very likely be fruitless because if the case settled, the amount of the settlement is not part of the court record. Rarely. In addition, settlements are confidential. However, you do have the right to send a document request through the court that has jurisdiction in the child support case. If you have a good faith basis for your knowledge that there is a car accident settlement you can file a document request, a motion to compel production and also a subpoena duces tecum with the insurance company requiring production of copies of the settlement release and check. If you can find out where and when the accident occurred, you can request the local police department accident report which should include the name of the insurance company.

This answer is offered for informational purposes only. It is not offered as, and does not constitute, legal advice. Laws vary widely from state to state. You should rely only on the advice given to you during a personal consultation by a local attorney who is thoroughly familiar with state laws and the area of practice in which your concern lies

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