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How can I find out if my ex remarried my cousin, she kept my last name so if remarried her last name would not change?

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They bought a house together and are both are on the mortgage and deed with survivorship rights. Alimony has been terminated based on cohabitation, but I have a feeling she has been remarried far longer of which I would be entitled to the back alimony I have paid. How do I find out if they married when I don't know exactly where or when? Her last name would remain the same making more difficult to speculate on the remarriage.

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The deed will say whether they are married or single, but that doesn't help you if they bought prior to the marriage and then married later. You could try checking the county they live in and the surrounding counties for a marriage license at the probate court which is public record, but if they married out of town that also wouldn't help. Other than that I don't have any good public record ideas but you could periodically check those same sources and see if anything has changed; for example if they sell the house the deed will again reflect if they are married or single. Check if either of them leave their Facebook page open and list relationship status. You could also use a private investigator.

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Public records are online. You can look at the deed. It has to say if they are married or not although as pointed out by Ms. Hoffman, if they bought the realty before marriage, that won't help. All counties have marriage as does the state. Those can be checked. I suppose if you reasonably believe they were married earlier, you get an attorney to investigate it and if warranted, file a motion, do discovery and get your answer that way. The other thing though is how much money are you potentially talking about and is it worth the expense to do this or simply move on.

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I would recommend that you have the attorney that handled your divorce look into the matter for you. It may costs you a bit to find out, so you will need to decide if it is worth the expense to learn the information and then to fight about the underlying support issue. Best wishes.

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