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How can I find out if I have criminal charges against me in Australia?

Springfield, OR |

Last January I visited Australia and was given a public nuisance citation. The officer told me there might be charges drawn up against me the following week. The problem is my vacation was ending and I returned to Japan where I currently live. I have no idea if criminal charges ever were made against me.

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Contact an attorney in the Australian province where you were cited and ask them if they can do a records search.

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Mr. Bodzin is correct, your best bet is to contact an attorney in Australia about this. You might also be able to contact the Australian court and ask them if you have pending charges. You may also want to check the international law section of Avvo or if you can find a similar Australian site to post your question on. As with all criminal charges, remember do not discuss the specifics of your case with anyone except an attorney. Good Luck.

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