How can I find out if I have an active warrant in GCIC.

I want to know if I have any active warrants in GCIC however I do not want to call the sheriff's office personally to ask. The counties I am talking about do not post there warrants online either. How can I obtain this information?

Marietta, GA -

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David Edward Boyle

David Edward Boyle

Criminal Defense Attorney - Lawrenceville, GA

Most warrants are at the Sheriff's Office and the Magistrate Court Clerks' office in the county where they are issued. If you know what county it was issued in then you can contact either place. They do not arrest the people based upon the call but most agencies will not give the information out over the phone and you have to go in person to ask. An attorney can usually acquire this information on your behalf. If you are facing charges you are going to need an attorney so hiring one would be the best bet.

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