How can I find out if a sibling living in a different state filed a wrongful death lawsuit?

Asked about 2 years ago - Tucson, AZ

It is possible that a wrongful death lawsuit was filed by the sibling living in another state and the other siblings not notified of this.

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    Answered . You would have received notice of the appointment of the Personal Representative. You can also search the County where you think a lawsuit may have been filed.

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    Answered . The first question is "What is your relation to the deceased?" To bring a claim in Arizona you must be a statutory beneficiary (the surviving spouse, biological parents, legal guardian or one or more children of the deceased). The wrongful death case is usually filed in the venue where the death was caused. If suit has been filed you should be able to locate it via by doing an on-line case search. Fyi, due to a case called Wilmot, you may already be included in the existing case to some degree whether you like it or not.

    If you are a statutory beneficiary of the deceased, you may and should obtain your own attorney to represent your interests on a contingency basis.

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    Answered . Yes, but check the courthouse.

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    Answered . Generally the case is filled in the state where the death occurred or the accident that caused the death.

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    Answered . Many jurisdictions have websites. Good luck.

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    Answered . You can check at the courthouse where the sibling lives, the courthouse where the acts leading to the claim took place, and/or the courthouse where the defendants reside or have their business. The latter two are more likely than the first and would be more appropriate. A private investigator could check these things very quickly.

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