How can I find legal help reviewing financial aid with my current school?

Asked 5 months ago - Pepperell, MA

My financial aid does not seem right and has not seemed right since I transferred schools two years ago. I have owed money since I transferred when I should not have (the semesters did not overlap) and today I have an email suddenly that says I owe more than $2,000. This can't be correct. Help?

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  1. E. Alexandra Golden

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    Answered . Start by talking to the financial aid office at your school. If you're not satisfied with the answer, there are private financial aid counselors, as these people will generally be more familiar with the financial aid rules than attorneys and cost less. Look for one who has worked in the financial aid office of a college or university.

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  2. Michael A. Satterwhite

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    Answered . I am sorry to hear that. School can be very expensive. I am not sure what kind of help you are asking for? You should speak to the financial department at your school. If they are doing something unfair and deceptive, then you seek an attorney.

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