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How can i file for a Change of Venue in New York State family court case?

Jamestown, NY |

I have been fighting to get custody back of my 3 children. They are currently in the custody of their grandparents on their fathers side.He has no custody or set visitation due to him choking our oldest son while i was at work. The attorneys involved mine and the childrens are not doing their jobs or looking at the best interests of the children.The grandparents have admitted twice to child protective services to hitting the two boys nothing was done about it. The grandmother chased me and my kids down in her car on one of my visits the police were involved she was not arrested.They have violated the courts visitation order. I am supposed to have temporary supervised visits as of 08-13-2012 and have not seen my children at all since 07-11-2012. I have seen 4 different Judges regarding this

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Changing venue is not the answer to your problems. If nothing has been done about the misconduct of the grandparents, I highly doubt that the Court is going to grant a motion to change venue even if there is a valid basis to change venue at this point. My suggestion is to get the best attorney that you can afford and fight to get your kids back in the court where the matter is pending now.

Anthony Buono

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Based upon what you are saying, you do not have legal grounds to change venue of the matter. However, if there are additional facts you should discuss the matter with an experienced family law attorney.

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It doesnt sound like there is a basis to change venue here. If you are not receiving court ordered visitation you should file a violation. If you are not happy with your current attorney, you should consult with a new attorney who can help you determine the best way to get your children back. Good luck.

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