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How can I evict room mates that are not on the lease?

Englewood, FL |

I live with my boyfriend and we have two room mates. My landlord only made my boyfriend sign the lease. We have not been getting along with our room mates and would like to evict them. They do pay their share of the monthly rent and utilities. Can we legally evict them? How can we do this?

Attorney Answers 1

  1. Does your lease even allow you to have roomates? If the only people allowed to live there are the people on the lease, you could yourselves face eviction for having additional people live there. If that is the case, then I don't know the answer, you would need to talk to a landlord tenant attorney, because I don't know the ramifications of leasing property you don't have the authority to lease. If you are allowed to rent out to roommates and they pay rent to you, if you don't have a written lease, they would be considered short term tenants based on how they pay you, and you would give them proper notice to vacate, then if they did not leave, sue to evict them for holding over, I believe. These procedures are set forth in Florida Statutes Chapter 83.

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