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How can I evict my aunt unemployed great grandson who lives with her rent and bills free? I have Power of Attorney over her?

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I am doing some remodeling and cleaning up my aunt house so that she does not have to live in filth. Her great grandson has gotten ugly with me twice and tries to intimidate me because he keeps the telephone with him and I asked him not to lie on the sofa or leave all the baby things lying around. The second time was real bad because he followed me to my vehicle trying to intimidate me. I will not go back to her home because this young man has spent 4 years in prison (robbery with a gun). He does nothing to help his great grandmother. I have workers there now. What attorney can help me quickly evict the great grandson so I can continue to take care of my aunt? I am a senior citizen also and do not want another encounter with this young man of about 22.

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You don't have power of attorney "over" your aunt. You have a power of attorney "from" your aunt. Assuming that the POA is valid, and assuming that your aunt is mentally incapacitated, you would use the POA to file an eviction lawsuit in Justice of the Peace Court after you had given the great grandson a written notice to move out. I assume that there is no lease and he pays no rent. Find a lawyer that does evictions. If your aunt is not mentally incapacitated then she would have to file the eviction herself.

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You might contact adult protective services for assistance.

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You need a lawyer that handles eviction cases for landlords. A small business lawyer would also work. YOu can probably find one using the "Find a Lawyer" tab above.

Good luck.

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