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How can I choose a good attorney for a criminal case? Do I ask my friends, facebook, google, avvo, go with my gut, or what...

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It's difficult... Do I choose a "connected" lawyer? A cheap lawyer? An honest lawyer? I need to know who to trust, this is an ordeal for me.

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    This is a very personal decision that will hinge on a number of different factors that you will weigh in a that is unique to your situation. It is for that very reason that attorneys are the only professionals for whom covenants-not-to-compete are automatically void as a matter of law. Everyone is entitled to hire the lawyer of their own choosing --no exceptions. That said, do not pick the cheapest lawyer. Interview a number of lawyers and hire the one whom who satisfies all of your requirements -- smart, open, communicative, responsive, well-mannered, attentive to you, etc. If your gut normally guides you well, go with it when you want to make your final selection.

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  2. Below is a brief video concerning how to select an attorney.

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  3. You call a few and look for someone who is honest, knowledgable and experienced. You must be comfortable with your lawyer. If the best pitch a lawyer has is connections I would be cautious. Cheap is not a good option. You will get what you pay for. You want to pay a reasonable fee so the attorney can invest the time and effort necessary to defend your case.

  4. There are many good criminal defense attorneys to be found on Avvo. You can also ask friends or family to refer someone. Do not choose based on price alone. Pick an attorney who you feel comfortable with and who you believe can help you with your defense.

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  5. I would suggest consulting with several attorneys and choosing the one you feel most confident about. Many attorneys offer free consultations and that would be your opportunity to get an idea of how they will handle your case. This is a good chance to feel them out and see if you are getting the type of lawyer you are looking for.

  6. Friend and family recommendations are a good place to start but you need to speak with them to make sure you are comfortable and confident in the attorney. It is a big decision so take your time and don't be afraid to speak to many different lawyers. Good luck.

  7. In the criminla arena nothing beats experience. Google the attorneys and see if they have extensive criminal law experience. Read reviews. The interview attorneys. You have to like their "bedside" manner as well. Most attorneys are going to cost what a new car would cost. Do you just buy there or do you do your homework.

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