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How can I break my lease legally

Chicago, IL |

D landlord is very mean and takes his,time fixing things I have a kid I need things to be,secure

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How much time is left on your lease? Is the property in unlivable condition? You might want to talk to your landlord and try to come up with a resolution to your issues. If you move out before your lease is up you could be liable for the rent of the remaining months.

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It does not matter what kind of looks or peronality your landlord has to determine if you can properly terminate your lease. If you live in Chicago, there are a plethora of ways under the Chicago Residential Landlord and Tenant ordinance you can utlilize to break your lease. The statute is on line at my website or at the City of Chicago website. For instance you can terminate your lease upon notice if the landlord did not give you the most current summary of that law.

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Dear Tenant: If your apartment is covered by the City of Chicago Landlord Tenant Ordinance you may have a basis to terminate your Lease. The Ordinance is on line at this link and others:

This is a very Tenant friendly ordinance so take the time to read it carefully and follow any of the provisions which allow you to terminate the Lease. Consider whether to involk the provisions which after certain notice to the Landlord (in writing is best) you may have work done on your apartment and deduct it from the rent. Sometime Landlords and Tenants can work together to get work done rather than have it adversarial.

Hope this helps. Good luck

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