How can I become a US Citizen?

I am 18 a Senior In HS and have lived here since I was 2 weeks old. I have all immunization records as well as school records I am unsure how to proceed in becoming a citizen can you please guide me in the direction I need to take. I am basically on my own and am also 5 months pregnant.

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Carl Michael Shusterman

Carl Michael Shusterman

Immigration Attorney - Los Angeles, CA

You may be able to legalize yourself by applying for Deferred Action.

Please click the link at the very bottom for additional information.

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Suzan deSeguin-Hons

Suzan deSeguin-Hons

Immigration Attorney - Denver, CO

Based on the information you provided, there does not appear to be a legal basis to support an application for US citizenship. At this time, you may very well be eligible to apply for DACA (Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals). If approved, you would get a work permit valid for two years. Hopefully, there will be changes in the immigration laws that will help people in your circumstances.
You may phone my office to arrange a telephonic consultation regarding your eligibility for DACA.

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Haroen Calehr

Haroen Calehr

Immigration Attorney - Houston, TX

On what basis do you want to become a US citizen? You can't just apply and there must be a legal underlying basis to apply for citizenship. Just because you have been here since age 2 weeks old and being 18 and a HS SR doesn't give you a right. Need more info. Good luck.

Samuel Patrick Ouya Maina

Samuel Patrick Ouya Maina

Immigration Attorney - San Francisco, CA

You have not provided enough information to give an opinion.

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