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How can I avoid getting an extension on my misdemeanor probation?

Wisconsin Dells, WI |

I have 19 days left on misdemeanor probation an my probation officer wants to extend my supervision for 6 months. He wants to extend it based off our last meeting when I told him that the alcohol an anger management classes were an outlet rather than a cure for alcoholism or anger. He took it as me saying it's doing nothing for me an wants to assign a private 1 on 1 therapist for 6 months. I have payed all restitution, an will have the AODA classes completed by the probation end date. I'm beyond ready to move on with my life an desperately need this to end. I have no objection to his recommendation even though I believe I don't need it but the idea of having a possible revocation and 9 months incarceration hanging over my head for another 6 months is just unbearable... please help me

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Then don't sign off on the extension, and make the agent go back to court and ask the judge to extend it. You'll have a better chance of successfully opposing that request if you hire post-conviction counsel. Good luck.

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Karyn T. Missimer

Karyn T. Missimer


Avvo has taken away the ability to agree with questions after a certain period of time. So, now I have to comment to say "I agree." I agree.


Attorney Witt is dead on and you should force the PO to meet his burden to change the original sentence. If you need assistance it sounds like you should consult with a Wisconsin licensed attorney that practices criminal law, whether a private attorney (which seems a good investment from your perspective) or a public defender (they one you had before, or may need to apply for). Good luck.

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