How can I apply for an extension on my court fines due for a DUI in LA County?

Asked over 1 year ago - Los Angeles, CA

Have been sending in payments every month but I still owe several hundred dollars and the due date is in a month. How do I apply for an extension?

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  1. Hudson Thomas Bair


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    Answered . Your attorney can appear and help renegotiate your payment plan. If you don't have an attorney, you should get yourself added to the court calendar to ask the judge for more time. The process for the judge to decide whether or not to extend the payments, include payment history, employment, income and other factors. A local attorney may be able to shed some light on the local practices. A lawyer can help you with this problem.

  2. Sharon Paris Babakhan

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    Answered . Just simply ask the judge but before asking him, make sure you have all the receipts of your payments (although they have record of payment too) to be on the safe side, have all the receipts of your payments and ask the judge for an extension. The judge will most likely grant it if you have been consistently paying the fees.

  3. Anthony Allen Roach

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    Answered . Usually your attorney does this for you, and asks the judge. If you can show progress, most judges grant it. Judges will not grant it, however, if you have repeatedly delayed and are not showing any progress.

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  4. Michael Jon Fremont


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    Answered . Go to court and ask for an extension

  5. Andrew Stephen Roberts


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    Answered . I agree with Ms. Babakhan . Get your matter put on calendar ASAP !

    Andrew Roberts (818) 597-0633/ (805) 496-7777

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