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How can I appeal an order of protection in the state of Illinois?

Moline, IL |

I was sexually harrassed over electronic communictions.I the petitioner got an emergency stalking no contact order given the fact that the respondent threatend to rape me.
I went to court to get the OP extended.I arrived on time and was seen by the judge and granted the two year OP.While waiting for the paper work the respondent showed up. Though he was late and judge had granted me the extention she allowed him to contest.At the next hearing I was not granted the OP.I did'nt have prove that it was him, he never mentioned his name.Though I want no contact with him, fear for my safety have gone through emotional distress.Its not enough.But the respondent was granted one against my boyfriend who had accompanied me to the respondents inlaws to ask for an address where we could serve him.

All that was asked was for an address the respondents inlaws are my aunt and uncle. So there for I found that given that they were family they would give me the address. They said they did'nt have it. My boyfriend not once became vilolent or raised his voice. He just asked are you sure? And because he went with me had contact with the "inlaws" the respondent was granted one but denied the OP the respondent wanted on me. How does that work when both my boyfriend and I were there? And I asked the question?

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  1. You have multiple questions in there, all springing from your relationship with this guy. He now has a no-contact order against your current boyfriend and you've got nothing against him if I read this right. While you have a technical right to file an appeal within 30 days of the entry of the order, this isn't something you can do by yourself. Appeals are not a user-friendly process and it's not easy to do it successfully. Your only hope is to get to a competent domestic relations lawyer in your area. Expect to spend something upwards of $5,000 on an appeal. Alternatively, finding a way to separate yourself permanently from the other guy would seem to be a cheaper and probably better approach in the long run. Good luck.

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