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How can I add my wife's name to the deed on my house?

Hanover, MD |

I recently purchased a home in Md...because I had applied for the loan as an individual (my wife and I were living in different states at the time), only my name was on the paperwork when we showed up at closing. My wife signed all the closing papers anyway, but my name is the only one on the deed.

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You have to deed the property to yourself and your wife and record the new deed with land records. I have handled real estate matters and can assist you with this. Please don't hesitate to contact me.

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A simple quitclaim deed can work, but I recommend you consult an attorney in your area to ensure the document is correctly drafted, executed, and recorded.

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You do need to chat with a lawyer. The others are correct that a deed can be executed to add your wife, but the new "tenancy by the entierties" will be subject to any and all liens and charges that attached to your ownership from the time you took title in your name, only.

You don't know what those interests are, beyond the loan you took, unless an attorney searches the land records, municipal lien records, tax lien records and judgment records.

I wouldn't pay for a "quit claim" deed, which is largely a useless gesture.

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