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How can i access my trust fund?

Barboursville, WV |

it was set for 25 years of age and i am now 21....there are 2 co-trustees. one is my brother and the other is the vice-president of the bank where the trust is held. my brother can disperse the funds to me for reasons he deems suitable but being 21 i think i should be able to make those decisions better for myself. it seems we disagree quite often on matters regarding the money and it causes me quite a lot of mental anguish discussing it with him. the case was settled when i was a minor and the former guardian ad-litem has retired. do i need to get the judge who presided over the initial hearings to appoint a new one? how would i go about doing that? are there lawyers that will help me in this type of matter without payment unless they win me full rights to the trust?

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  1. Most Trusts are set up this way. I set my trusts up this way. I do it for the very reason you want to change it. I would live with his help. If the money is gone it is gone. He may be helping you keep your money. I have listed some of my sites and some sites where you will find a lawyer that will do as you want.

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