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How can I, a private citizen, find out where someone banks - to serve a judgment?

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I did work for a professional 4.5 years ago, did not get paid, took him to court, went through mediation during which he signed promise to pay 4 months later. That time came/passed and no payment. I filed paperwork with court and have been issued judgment. I really want/need my money - valued at just about $800 - too little to hire an attorney or collections agency. How can i find his checking account? He does not work in an office, but out of his home so can't garnish wages. I do not know if he is an LLC. If it matters, I am a senior on fixed income.

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Here are some ideas. The "trojan check" (check written to the debtor by someone else) is one of the best. One collector habitually sent checks for $1.55 disguised as a rebate or class action settlement. There may be companies out there that will help you do that.

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