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How can finger prints show up clear with an ice officer and a year later show a previous deportation order?

Franklin, NC |

My husband had an ice hold in 2011 he got a bond now we are almost ready to file his waiver and at his master calendar hearing the DHS officer says he has a previous deportation order how is this possible ? He did tell the immigration officer when being held he had crossed before. When the officer returned from running his finger prints he looked at his file and did verify were he was caught. But I don't understand how he got a bond with a previous deportation??

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  1. You need to repost this question as an Immigration matter, that way you will more likely receive input from attorneys who have experience in this specialized field of law. Good luck.

  2. As Mr. Jones indicated, you need to speak to an Immigration Attorney regarding this matter. This area of the law is very specialized and if an attorney does not do these types of cases frequently, you need to move on to one that does. Best of luck!

    Call Trial Attorney Dustin RT Sullivan at (910) 508-2200 or visit us at to find out more.

  3. Fingerprint databases are not globally connected. The fact your husband has a prior order is not surprising. It happens a lot in practice. Your attorney should have filed an FBI rap sheet as well as FOIA requests on behalf of your husband to determine all prior criminal and immigration history. If they didn't know about the prior order, then they would have given a bond.

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