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How can charges of ESCAPE from prison stick when my daughter was wearing a GPS-ACS ankle monitor and no she didn't cut it off.

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CALIFORNIA-can Butte County make my daughter go terminal for almost 2 years straight if she's enrolled to attend Butte College????

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Did the court order allow her to attend college? Was it a strict Home Detention program?

An attorney would need this information to give an informed opinion.

NOTE: Was the ankle bracelet part of parole or a county sentence?



i don't know...but her "supervising deputies" at the ACS call center thang were closely monitoring her--and they encouraged her to pursue college full-time--she had turned in her weekly schedule, passed her assessment tests at the college with over 90% scores and was on her way to the orientation which must be completed BEFORE students are allowed to register for their classes....she was worried that all of her classes were going to fill up without her....but yes, a very strict home-detention program.....a few weeks back they incarcerated her for attending too many NA/AA they want to have her go "terminal" for 2 years in a maximum security state prison far far away....she'll not only lose her enrollment status but she's my eyes--i'm her legally blind mother....please help us...;D



please message me or go to my wall on AVVO so that we can message more effectively...thank you. by the way, she is fighting the ESCAPE charge....but she might as well get fed to the wolves, because the Public Defender literally YELLED at me with so much anger and rage...i'm afraid for my kid...genuinely scared.


Seems like 2 issues: escape charges, and terminal sentence if at Butte College.
Escape- depends on more facts- was she assigned to a specific are n left it? Monitor faulty?
Courts should take into consideration college , and successful activities in sentencing. Hire an attorney who'll prepare a sentencing report- they often help. My office is in Chico 530-580-8529 if you'd like to discuss this more.

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