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How can an Aniquated AZ law be changed? Waste of Finite Resources - a waste of time and money!

Safford, AZ |

I was cited with a Waste of Finite Resources fine. The officer said his radar clocked me at 65 mph in a 55 mph zone. I know and have a witness that I was not doing more than 63 mph. Under this 1980's AZ law even if I was doing 56 mph I would have been in violation. Isn't the officer who was sitting in an idling car and waiting for the next victim wasting more resources than me? The fact that the ticket is using NCR paper and the envelope and fee payment instructions is using more valuable paper. How can I fight this fine? I think it is totally my $56 going towards paying for the officer's gas so he can claim another unsuspecting victim?

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Even if you were doing 63 in a 55 you were still in violation of the law. As far as arguing that the officer wasted more finite resources than you, it's a waste of time and breath. If you really want to fight it hire an AZ traffic lawyer to help you.

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