How can an 18 year old who's parent will not give them their Birth Certificate or Soc Sec Card get their own copy ?

The eighteen year old has been gone from the home of her mother since age 16 and needs Birth Cert to get Social Security Card in order to get an Indiana Identification Card

Indianapolis, IN -

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Eric Charles Lewis

Eric Charles Lewis

Bankruptcy Attorney - Indianapolis, IN

In Indianapolis, you can go downtown to the Indiana Department of Health and request a copy of your birth certificate. You may want to call them in advance for costs and availability, location, etc. Then, you can go to your local social security administration office, such as the one at 575 N. Pennsylvania downtown for your social security card (free).

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Rebecca Lynne Melone

Rebecca Lynne Melone

Family Law Attorney - Reston, VA

Generally you can make a request in person or by mail, there is usually a small fee involved.

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