How can a temporary restraining order affect my career and job placement, and how can i dismiss it?

my x wife got a TRO on me after i called the police. i got arrest because i took the phone from her. the case is now with the DA and it has been there for 3 1/2 weeks and i still don't know what i am being charge with. it was my first time getting arrest and i was very scared. my 1 1/2 year old son was present and i dont want to lose him. i am also in the marine corp and i have took steps to prove my innocents. i am her second husband and she has only one child(my son). she is claiming i hit her and chock her on to accounts. saying that i have never deployed. i have only a couple of months left on my 4 year active contract.

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Isaac Lee Fischer

Isaac Lee Fischer

Family Law Attorney - Sacramento, CA

Did she get arrested/convicted for punching you? Do either of you have a criminal record? You should have a hearing date for the TRO. At the hearing, you can ask that the restraining order be dismissed. You can also ask for a trial. Some courts will set a trial date, and other courts do the trial on the spot, so to speak, because of special rules re: when restraining orders are supposed to be heard.

I have used a "non-clets mutual no contact order in lieu of a restraining order" successfully in many restraining order matters, but not all courts allow them. It's worth looking in to.

And yes, if her request for the permanent restraining order is granted, it will be entered in the CLETS system, and can affect your employment, especially if your employment requires you to carry a firearm.

Cathleen Elisabeth Norton

Cathleen Elisabeth Norton

Family Law Attorney - Beverly Hills, CA

You have a constitutional right to have a trial on the alleged abuse, which was scheduled at the time the TRO was issued. The trial date is written on the face page of the TRO. I strongly suggest that you hire counsel to assist you in preparing you for the Domestic Violence trial, including but not limited to, working with you to cross-examine the protected party and the police officers who arrived at the scene.

You have at least 2 legal issues that you are facing: 1) the family law domestic violence restraining order (with all the custody implications surrounding the domestic violence), and 2) the criminal case which the DA has not yet decided to prosecute.

For the family law matter, you want to hire an experienced family law litigator to represent you. You have a very limited amount of time to prepare for your trial, so do not hire someone at the last minute. If the restraining order is granted on a permanent basis, then it will be registered in the CLETS (California Law Enforcement Transmission System), which will be available to all police officers.

I am including links below which will explain how a domestic violence restraining order can affect custody of your son, as well as the basics of child support and the interrelationship between custody and child support. Begin educating yourself on the law, and hire the best attorney you can afford. Good luck to you.

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David Philip Shapiro

David Philip Shapiro

Criminal Defense Attorney - San Diego, CA

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Lisa M. Eddy

Lisa M. Eddy

Family Law Attorney - Providence, RI

This sounds like a very complex situation. Instead of adding more details on Avvo, you should contact a local attorney. They will be able to assist you in getting the TRO dismissed if that is the correct option and they will be able to advise you as to what the next step should be for you. Best of Luck.

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