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How can a person be told to be finger printed without being arrested? lessor criminal mischief charge first time ever charge.

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A simple honest mistake I painted a few arrows and capital letters on tree's and a couple telephone poles never any street signs. the purpose was to help elderly inlaws find there way to our home to visit their deathly ill 90 yr old family member who has since passed.i have righted my wrong and still being hit with harsh punishment. really a true case of abuse of power and unfair justice as I had no malice intent nor did I harm anyone or thing.

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  1. It is strongly urged that you retain a criminal defense attorney and fight the charge. Your attorney will advise you of your obligation to be fingerprinted and the process to have the case dismissed and the fingerprint and other docs expunged. Good luck.

  2. Most relatively minor criminal cases start with the issuance of a Criminal Summons mailed to the Defendant's address. Included with the Summons directing the Defendant to appear at the District Magistrate's office on a date and time certain for the preliminary hearing, a copy of the Criminal Complaint and a Fingerprint Order are enclosed. Many cases accordingly start without a formal physical arrest and fingerprinting. It sounds like you have defense to the charges; seek the assistance of a qualified criminal defense attorney to assist you in the preparation and presentation of your defense. Good luck.

  3. The quick answer is yes. If you have been charged with a misdemeanor the complaint is generally sent by certified mail, and often regular mail. Along with the complaint there is usually a fingerprint order. You should comply with that, unless directed otherwise by an attorney. If you wait until the preliminary arraignment or preliminary hearing you will be directed to have your fingerprints taken as a condition of bail. Speak to a lawyer immediately..

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