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How can a debt collector go back on a deal made by a judge?

Warren, MI |

In 11/07, I went to court and received a judgement against me for an old credit card. The agreement, signed by the judge, was that I would make a minimum payment of $25/month and the interest would be waived as long as my payments were made on time. It would come under review after 6 months. I have been paying @ least $50, usually $80/month. After 6 months, the creditor called and asked for more money. I told them I would try to pay more but couldn't commit to what they were asking. Now they claim that because I didn't give them the amount of money they wanted at the "review" that they started tacking on interest again. How can they go back on this deal without going back to court?

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Go back to the court that issued the judgment file a "Motion to Enforce Terms of Judgment," and start makinng the payments directly to the Court Clerk's office.. Yiu may want to comesult a collections attorney; the credit card company might be forced to pay his fee

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