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How can a child be taken away from their mother?

Arcadia, WI |

My unborn child's father put an ro on me and now his family told me they have solid evidence so I wont have custody of the baby afterwards. His aunt sent a text to me saying he is going to get sole custody and he is getting an attorney when They find out if its his. This was her response to a Text she received about the gender.I had sent out a mass text and forgot to unselect his mom And aunt. Anyways do I have something to worry about can They take the baby away from me. I haven't drank since I found out I was pregnant otherwise I haven't done anything to harm it.

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Restraining Orders between the parents means dad will not get vistitation.
I assume you two have never been married, paternity needs to be determined before anything more can occur.

Also it is important to note that when he is restrained, the family should not be communicating for him. Threats or otherwise. So, ask them to stop, and call the police if they do not.

Custody is decision making in Wisconsin. Placement is having the child. So, they have not likely hired an attorney since they do not even know the terms to use.

I am sure that if you have been naughty, then so has he. I wouldn't worry too much about what will happen, just live the best you can, and be honest about what has happened (both ways). You will do fine in the end.

Don't stress yourself out about this. It will just make it worse.

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